Manage your operations and collaborations in an integrated and visible environment

The information framework that powers the Services Business.

The key to success in the services business is a seamless and integrated execution model. A model that enables improved decision making and proactive performance management at all levels through real time visibility into project performance.

Developing such a flexible and configurable model needs a powerful framework. Whizible Execution is this information framework for a service centric organization.

  • Process Compliance

    Facilitates quality process  compliance and institutionalization.

  • Critical Information

    Critical information for business decisions that would otherwise have to be collated from disparate sources.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Improves customer satisfaction by giving customers a real time visibility into their projects.

  • Effective Project Management

    Effective project management prevents operational delays and overruns that affect profitability.

  • Human Resources

    Optimizes time and efforts of human resources.

  • Integrated Platform

    Provides an integrated platform to manage operations and collaboration between dispersed teams.

  • Resource Management

    Important it is to have appropriate resources the way you use them is even more critical.Many organizations do not have sufficient information about the utilization of resources or an ability to plan their future activities. While resource shortfall is often a reality optimizing the resources available is the way out.

    Whizible Execution helps the resource manager to accurately assess the resource availability and utilization. Shortfalls can be overcome by reassignment of existing resources wherever possible or fresh resources can be requested. An individual’s utilization of time and adherence to a given schedule can be analyzed.

    Whizible Execution maintains a database of the entire resource pool and tracks their progress on projects. Resource details, including qualifications, project experience ,skill sets etc. are constantly updated to present a true picture.
    View detailed records of resources segmented by skill sets, qualifications, project experience, current availability, billing rates and certifications at a glance.

  • Project Management

    Managing Projects successfully and profitably is at the core of your organization’s success. You need to plan for success and then manage all aspects of execution until completion of the project.

    In Whizible Execution you can create a project plan ,allocate resources, schedule tasks and track schedules and costs using EVM. It also gives you the right information infrastructure to manage project documentation, customer communication and change requests.

    Create a project management plan detailing phases, modules, resources, quantitative objectives, training plans, risk management plans, milestones and change management.

    For scheduling, Whizible Execution offers multiple choices either using the assigned tasks feature of the application or for complex and critical scheduling needs, users can use Microsoft Project. The two way integration
    with MS Project ensures that the Project Plan is kept live through the execution process.

    Adherences to plans can be monitored closely and reports generated on project progress and milestone analysis. During project execution, lessons learnt can be published to the Knowledge base.

  • Timesheet / Billing

    The timesheets in WHIZIBLE Execution capture the time spent and tasks completed by resources and process this data to deliver a variety of information related to project status and resource utilization. Whizible Execution can track activity based as well as task based timesheets. Resources can request for additional time to complete tasks ( ETC Request .) By capturing the time taken for issue resolution the cost of quality can be analyzed. A resource timesheet approval function helps to authenticate the timesheet data.

  • eDashboards

    Whizible Execution allows you to see further and closer than ever before. Need the broad picture on the status of the various projects or the effort variance of an individual project ? With the eDashboards,you can view the information that you need to the required level of detail.

    Whizible Execution eDashboards provide an integrated view of operations up to the organization level and down to individual contributing factors presenting the critical operating parameters in a visual and easy to understand format.

    The eDashboards are role based and fully configurable allowing a CEO to view corporate level resource, project status etc.The project manager can see the status of his own project, open issues, reviews etc.,while a developer can see his own pending tasks.An individual’s frequently used reports can be added to his dashboard for quick access.

    The information can be presented using graphs of 11 different types and alerts generated by events moving into critical ranges .These alerts can be in the form of an email.

    The eDashboard ensure the availability of critical information for business decision making.

  • Issues

    Whizible Execution provides the perfect collaborative platform to conduct sustainable dialogue with both internal and external stake holders.

    Issues for discussion and resolution can range from bugs,defects ,additional functionalities, design issue or corrective actions arising from reviews.

    Issues can be captured in real-time and at the point of detection. Status reports and discussion threads tracking the effort are available. As a collaborative and interactive platform is created, there is immense transparency in all actions. Casual analysis of issues facilitates improvement process.

  • Knowledge Management

    Knowledge is power. Knowledge empowers you to perform at your best with maximum productivity,and gives you the power to keep your clients delighted. Every resource in the organization is a repository of the knowledge and often that knowledge is unique to them. The organization stands to benefit if it can get a clear insight into the knowledge of individual performers.

    Whizible Execution helps you to create a knowledge bank that records the learning gained by each member of the organizational team.Knowledge garnered from diverse experiences is archived and organized so that it can be accessed for future use. Valuable learning experiences are never lost as they can be shared and put to work for future projects. The knowledge base is progressive and constantly updated.

    Whizible Execution helps the organization to build a body of knowledge,and document best practices. Lessons learnt are captured anytime during project execution, and published to knowledge base. The reusability of proven knowledge contributes to a lower cost of execution.

  • Help Desk

    The help desk function in Whizible Execution is uniquely collaborative. It enables the external or internal users of a service to place requests, and the service providers to process these requests. A variety of request types can be processed using this module and may involve commercial, administrative or technical areas. This module helps to manage service functions in an integrated and projectile manner.

    Help requests are recorded ,analyzed and tracked, allowing for rapid resolution. A history of discussion threads allow all dialogue related to the help request to be preserved for reference. Detailed feedback is maintained and improved processes can be defined to optimize productivity by removing hurdles.

    Clients and service personnel work closely and more efficiently as the help desk functions allow them to step in to assist rapidly and conveniently. This in turn fosters mutual understanding ,trust and stronger work relationship.

  • Processes

    Stringent processes are the building blocks for successful project execution. Adherence to predetermined processes allows for predictable, repeatable and optimized project execution that enables the organization to secure more business.And successful projects create satisfied customers.

    Whizible Execution provides the foundation on which specific processes can be constructed. Templates, guidelines, checklists, forms and documents are maintained and recalled at the appropriate time. Thus processes , instead of remaining static  become a dynamic part of the execution process.

    In the process module a project type is defined with all the components
    such as process definition, process mapping , process implementation criteria and metrics, project workflow ,process quality measurement plus milestone and project closure analysis.All these components are inherited every time a project of the same type is to be executed. This helps to reduce the learning curve of the delivery organization.

  • Reports/Matrices

    When critical information is available in real time,and in an easy to use- form, organizations experience two major benefits.

    • An increase in the value of information as more users leverage available information.
    • An improvement in cooperate performance as a result of better decision making.

    Whizible Execution report module ensures that users are able to leverage information to effectively conduct their business opening up completely new avenues for improving corporate performance. Whizible Execution delivers information in familiar formats that require very little training to use ; Whizible Execution by default is highly flexible and the reports module is very configurable. Some of the standard reports available are:

    • Billable utilization by employee
    • Resource Utilization.
    • Project Status.
    • Project Task Distribution
    • Project Cost Related Reports.

    However ,project managers, project leaders ,account managers or program managers often need fast answers to very precise operational questions. Ad hoc delivery of specific data is a key component of Enterprise reporting , critical for improving decision making. Whizible Execution has a powerful query builder which makes it easy for end-users to run ad hoc queries against a wide range of data sources without having to know the structure of the underlying data and without undermining the performance of the data source itself. Such ad hoc queries can be used to generate reports through the Report Builder.

    The report builder supports:

    Sub Reports
    Multiple formats such as XML, PDF, HTML,Excel,CSV and text. A user can add his favorite and frequently used reports to his edashboards for quick access and reference.
    Support to Stored procedures and/or Whizible SEM query builder.
    All standard reporting requirements page total,grouping, subgrouping etc.